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17 728,69 ZAR


Weight of Alloy 31,10 Gram
20,00 Dwt
1,000 Troy Oz
Precious Metal Alloy Gold of 1,000 Purity
Precious Metal Alone 1,000 Troy Oz of Pure Gold
Price Used
1 281,16 USD / Troy Oz
17 728,69 ZAR / Troy Oz
13,838 ZAR / USD
 (55,1 sec old)

This scrap gold calculator fetches the current price of gold over the internet to compute a scrap gold calculation (or a silver calculation). Only the gold melt value (or silver melt value) of your precious metal is used. For example, you want to know the 14K gold price content of a class ring you found with your metal detector. We will automatically apply the 58.3% gold ratio. If you have a recycler or refiner (like Kitco) who pays you 91% of the gold spot price, enter -9% for Markup / Discount.

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