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On the left is Hal, in the middle is RobocalDave eventually took over the grey desk space on the right.

That beige box on the lower right is a dehumidifier which we needed in the summers.

That strange cardboard thing in the corner is actually full of bricks.  At the top an air conditioner blew cool air (summer and winter) down the chimney.  The chimney calmed out the thermal ups and downs, allowing the actual temperature in the room to hold very steady, as was required for stable calibrations. 

On the left are two Mettler AT-class scales which we used to test every weight that went into every scale.  No one does 100% testing nowadays, but since the accuracy of a scale depended totally on an accurate mass of the weight, we felt this was mandatory.

These marble tables became ubiquitous.  We must have had four of the little critters.

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