Dendritics Gemscales Museum

This is the Dendritics Gemscales Museum - Dendritics no longer manufactures Gemscales.

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Calculators: Ultra-Fast Gold Pricing Calculator & Carat Weight Calculator

Celebrating Gemscales, The People, Robots, Animals and White Rabbit Theories responsible for their existence

And the Technology which made them possible.

Helpful Hint for G50/G100 owners: Replace the 9V once a year and keep it in the scale! This will prevent the now irreplaceable calibration data draining out, 'cuz if it does your scale is (sadly) scrap. This only refers to our older (G50/G100) technology, the newer D55/D125/M50/D500's don't care.

Wisdom #873: Confucious says man with no legs bums around.

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