Inna Reysin

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Inna Reysin was Igor's wife.  She was in charge of final calibration checking of the Gemscale 50 and Gemscale 100 for quite a while.

Inna and Lisa

Inna became pregnant - This is Steve's concept of the new baby.  Quite the appearance of IgorSteve should know, he had a few of his own.

Now, what was Inna saying here?  Steve claims this had something to do with she and Igor getting credit cards or him letting her use them or whatever. The caption has something to do with she deserves it 'cause she's the queen.

Lisa commented: The one with Inna, well, my Russian's as rusty as Steve's, but from context, I'd say that she's fantasizing about shopping--her favorite pastime! Remember all the catalogs?! Especially Chadwicks of Boston.  Good luck! This is fun! :-)

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