Leonid Ganopolsky

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We finally gave up on our attempts to outsource the sensors, and decided to bring this critical process inside.  Inna knew Leonid's wife, and introduced us to Leonid, who began making the sensors, giving us a much more controllable process.  It was a huge improvement, as we had been spending almost as much time doing QC (Quality Control) on what our outside vendors had made ... without any real idea of when they were covering up their problems.

Leonid in May 96.

Leonid and Happy were really best of friends.  The refrigerator mediated their relationship.

Here Leonid is disciplining a scale.  He split his time between making sensors and resurrecting parts.  Behind him is the in-line reflow oven previously used by Exxon for prototyping solar cells.  To the left is the soldering apparatus for attaching the sensor cable to the sensors (G50 and G100 only).

Another view of that funky Unitek

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