Miriam Lindsay

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Miriam Lindsay (Mim) met my mother on a long train ride back in the early summer of 1991, they go to talking, and when Mim discovered that we were looking for an Office Manager, well, you get the idea.  It seems Mim was just hoping to find something to keep herself out of trouble, back up here in the North.  Later she had this to say about those years:

Almost eleven years ago - can you believe that?   I can remember writing that letter with a good feeling - It sure worked out well for me.   I wouldn't trade those seven years at Dendritics for any other position I have ever had.   You, Marian and Zena were like family to me.  It brings back a lot of good memories.  I thank you both for that!

Mim joined Dendritics as Administrative Assistant and was in charge of everything to do with keeping us straight and professional.  And she did a superb job of it.  She retired in 1998 and moved back and forth all around the country!

Mim at Lucille's birthday party in May 1996. 

Lisa and Mim at one of our innumerable banquets.

Uh ... That's undoubtedly Mim, but ... You tell me?  I have no idea what Mim was chewing on - perhaps one of Happy Dog's chew toys.

Chris was Mim's son-in-law briefly, he married her daughter Beth.  The inscription reads "Happy Birthday Chris ~ From Mim" and is undoubtedly a commentary on his, uh, marital indiscretions.

Here's Mim doing a thousand things at once.

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