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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit - That's my vote - I once heard it from a Greek Orthodox friend, and this is the classic thing to do on the first day of the month-the first utterance from your mouth. Whoever says it first has the best luck all month. This is a great Web site!

Wait-you actually work for someone at this site?? What is your story? Tell me more about what you do! I want to get into your field, if it involves stories and votes and legends. Where are you based? What is your exact title? What does "Inventor-Gemscales" mean?? I am quite curious.

- Kathryn on 8/1/2002

Hi - I am normally a wild fan of the Rabbiting every month. But this past month, Feb. 1, I beat the 2 people I always say it to by saying it first—HOWEVER, my purse was stolen that night w/all my $$, my credit card, license, etc. I am not so sure how lucky that little rabbit is anymore.

Did anyone else have bad luck with February?? I am considering not playing the game anymore. Please advise.

- Kathryn on 2/28/2003

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