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We always said it as kids on the first of the month and still do, and so do my kids. My mother first heard it in 1947 from a woman she met in Ann Arbor MI, where my dad was in school. The woman was originally from Albuquerque, NM but had attended the U. of Wisconsin at Madison, so she might have picked it up in either place.

Mom always said that RRR would bring good luck for the month. By the way, I sent her the link to your web site, so you might hear from her (Sally). I always say that it will bring the most luck if you are the first to say it, but I always thought it was a good thing to say either way. I never believed that it would steal luck from anyone else or that it was a zero-sum kind of thing.

I'm not generally superstitious, and I've always thought of RRR as really just a fun kind of thing. I think it helps keep the kid in me, so to speak.

- Phil in St. Louis on 10/7/2002

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