John Wadsworth

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John Wadsworth worked with us for a year or so, trying to get the program in the DSP chip to actually work.  He ultimately succeeded, but it was touch and go for a while, as the DSP was a very difficult debugging environment.  So much was happening simultaneously that it was tricky to tell what wasn't going right!

Thanks for your persistence, John

John has this to add to our tales:

It was an eye opener to see all the photos, great stuff, saved a few.
I seem to be the only one caught off guard and without a smile, oh well.
Glad to see the Chocolate Chip Boob-Scale didn't make it to the site, that would take some explaining. (OK, OK) ...
The cookie - boob scale:
On my last day, during the lunch we had, Marian D was motivated to make a "cake" of three snowballs (each with M&M on top), covered with 8" chocolate chip cookie.  This came from the concept scale, using three implants and a 1/4 inch plywood board. How soon they forget, what the hell, it's only been 6 years.
If you have some time, maybe you could help out on my anti-gravity sneakers.
Seems if I travel to the North, the left shoe lifts up and kicks me in the butt.
Traveling to the South, the right shoe will plant one in my backside.
All's fine if I travel east-west. Think there's a market for unidirectional sneakers ??

I was so frustrated, I went out to the backyard and heaved them across the yard !!
Guess what... they worked,  and worked,  and up,  and up  ...
no more prototypes.

All in all I had some good times there, and wish you a creative inventing future, (we all know inventing is the fun part).

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