Dendritics Warrantee Policy

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We believe that when you buy a scale, you expect it to work and work and work. We want you to rely on it and use it everyday. This way you get your money's worth. We have done everything we could in design and production to help assure this. But a scale by its very nature can be delicate. Sometimes we goof, sometimes you may drop it.



Will you fix my scale under Warranty? Of Course (But see Exceptions below).
What is the Warranty Period? For the Gemscale 50, Gemscale 100, Dendritics 55,  and Dendritics 125 it is one year after we sold the scale.  For the Millicarat 50 and Dendritics 500, it is two years after we sold the scale. 
What about after the Warranty Period is over? We'll do our best to fix it, but there will be a charge.
Are there any exceptions? Exceptions: Gross Abuse or Taking the Back Off! The problem is there really are no user-serviceable parts inside. Quite on the contrary, there are sophisticated computer adjustments which even we can only make here in Waltham, Massachusetts. So you really cannot do anything but damage by messing around inside.  And you will likely do static damage.
Can I fix it myself? Maybe.  It depends on the problem.  Try this do-it-yourself guide first: What to do if my scale won't work?
How Fast Can We Fix It? Typically in a week, but it may be higher due to our current scattershot schedules.
How should I ship it?  Insured? UPS, FedEx, US Mail, etc. is just fine.  Insurance is up to you. Box it securely and make sure you put your address, phone, fax, email address in!
Who pays the postage? You pay it one way. If it is under Warranty, we'll ship it back by Ground at our cost. Otherwise, the amount we charge covers shipping back to you by ground (in the USA or Canada). Overseas we will send it by US Air Letter Mail.  In either case, if you need faster delivery we can send it by Fed Ex or UPS Overnight. We will just check off "Bill Recipient" on the FedEx or UPS form, so you pay the actual amount when you receive your scale. Fair Enough?
What is the Warranty on repairs themselves? Sorry, but we only warranty that the scale will work when you receive it.  If you drop your camera, send it back to Nikon for repair, and then drop it again, you can bet your bunny rabbit  that they will charge you again for another repair.  And that's the way we work too.

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